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November 29th, 2012 at 8:52 am

Andrew Bynum out for the rest of the season with the Sixers

The Sixer’s first major purchase this season, Andrew Bynum is out of the squad due to injury and is set to miss the upcoming games this season, as claimed by the Sixer’s General Manager Tony DiLeo. Bynum was purchased from the Los Angeles Lakers a few seasons back to form an all star team in the Sixer’s side. However the idea could not take effect till date owing to the right knee bone bruise, which Bynum has been suffering for quite some time now.

The star athlete is currently in rehab and the team is hoping for a quick recovery. Initially, Bynum was expected to return by Dec 10th, however this was pushed back by at least another month due to an injury is his left leg which he received while practicing two weeks back and this is not good news for the Sixers.

“We have been continuously monitoring his condition and giving the fans the detailed reports since the accident. People will be informed of the team analysis if and when they happen.” DiLeo was quoted as commenting about Bynum. “He is in the healing process and we all wish him a speedy recovery. He is an important asset to the side and we need to see how his body reacts to the medication being administered.”

Bynum has a weakened cartilage along with bilateral bone bruise and this is making matters worse and delaying the healing process. The Sixers have already played 12 games this season with a score of 7 – 5 and Bynum was a major addition to the squad. The Sixers have their next match vs. Oklahoma City this Saturday and this is a big match for the side. Bynum will definitely be missed at the occasion. The team will head off to a party casino in case of a win as a mood change is required at the moment.

“The boys have done their best and they need a much deserved break after this game.” DiLeo was heard commenting on the team. “Once Bynum is back, we want to put the tragedies of this season behind us and prepare solely for the next season. We have to hope that the situation does not repeat itself in future.”

This is Bynum’s final season with the Sixers and if healthy, he could be signing a $100 Million contract either with a new team or the Sixers itself. However, his injury could cost him quite a few Million Dollars.

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