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August 27th, 2012 at 9:15 am

Manchester United experiencing dual situation of joy and sorrow

Along with the celebration for the win-win match against Fulham with 3-2, there was hue and cry over the loss Manchester United club suffered after their star player Rooney suffered a painful gush during the match and had to be taken out of the field in a stretcher. Sir Alex Ferguson has been quoted saying, “Because of the ugly cut, he is being treated in the hospital and is assumed to miss the action for an approximate four weeks.”
The city and country, both teams will miss his presence for the future matches that will see England playing against Macedonia and Ukraine held in early September. Manchester United will also be forced to play the European Southampton, Wigan and Liverpool matches set in the next month without their key player.
“Following the shot Rodallega, the accident took place” confirmed Ferguson. This credited brownie points to Fulham and they took the lead just when Bryan Ruiz free kick was made by Damien Duff.
But thankfully to theteam’s fate, their response was very quick and by the time the first half was over, they were successfully leading the scoreboard by the efforts of Rafael, Robin van Persie and Shinji Kagawa. For Robin van Persie and Shinji Kagawa, these were the very first goals while they are in United and hence appreciations are flowing in. Mesmerised Ferguson hopes the best for both Robin and Kagawa and stressed upon their achievement getting only bigger with time.
Meanwhile it has been hard to come up with the failure for the Fulham. Boss Martin Jol was left saying that at Old Trafford they were just frightened into their failure. He was quoted saying, “The under control game simply went off our hand and thus making it impossible to believe.” Also stressing that knowing their own abilities helped them in the second half and it was a far more enjoyable experience.
On the other hand Jol’s team is welcoming old striker Clint Dempsey. When asked about it, emphasising on his professional nature he said, “It would be highly unprofessional behaviour on my part not to welcome a person whom I could not choose the last time.”
But if rumours are to be believed, Roger admitted on their official website for the Liverpool team, that they did enquire about Clint. Also Jol says having him back in the team after the European League is like reuniting with a long lost friend but also says that he has nothing much to help.

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