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January 17th, 2013 at 1:56 pm

Oklahoma City Thunder reaches first 30 wins with Durant expertise

With the great expertise of the entire Phoenix Suns team and Martin Gortat especially who tried making hi moves, especially Kevin Durant who scored about 27 of his entire point of about 41 in the second half, rocked the Super Bowl match completely. However, with the help of Kevin Durant, the Oklahoma City Thunder has now become the NBA 30 game winner in a single season completely. Durant’s play was completely recorded to include everything that needed to be included in his handiwork. Pull-up jumpers, casual 3-pointers along with many others like that of the three points play against Gortat, this was a successful match for Durant.

With a lot of help from Westbrook, it was later seen that Durant along with Westbrook totally accounted for about 47 of the total points of 51 that occurred in the second half of the game. Gortat has really confessed that,” We totally lost to the combined expertise of Kevin Durant as well as great play from Russell Westbrook.

The complete set of pick-and-roll move combinations between these two players is just worth commending.” On the Phoenix Suns side, it was seen that Shannon Brown scored about 21 for the Suns while Gortat was seen to be the ill fated defender in the last successful attack made in the game by Kevin Durant.

With the entire team playing it really high, Kevin Martin was just the other player in the in Oklahoma City with a double digit score. However, there were missing people in the squads of both the Phoenix Suns as well as the Oklahoma City Thunder. Serge Ibaka was absent in this game as well still suffering from the chest contusion and on the Phoenix Suns side there were two players absent, Jared Dudley and Jermaine O’Neal.

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