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January 10th, 2012 at 10:04 am

Playoff Time

All mobile activity figures to increase dramatically with the NFL playoffs starting this weekend as the most anticipated month of the year has finally arrived.

The great mobile sports betting question will ultimately come down to whether or not defense even matters anymore in the modern NFL as offenses are dominating, as evidenced by the top two seeds.

The number one seed in the American Conference, the New England Patriots, scored a whopping 513 points in their 16 games but allowed a staggering 342, hardly the stuff of Super Bowl champions from a generation ago.

Meanwhile the top seed in the National Conference, the Green Bay Packers, amassed an insane 560 points but allowed 359, a number that would have had Vince Lombardi screaming for blood.

A more traditional approach was taken by the Baltimore Ravens, who are the number two seed in the AFC. Baltimore scored 378 points and allowed a much more relatively respectable 266, which is downright stingy by today’s standards.

The San Francisco 49ers are quite similar to Baltimore in that they are the number two seed in the NFC with a more traditional approach as they scored 380 points and allowed just 229.

Ultimately this stark contrast in playing styles is what is going to make the playoffs so interesting and also revealing.

Speaking of weak defensive teams, break out the NFC East champion New York Giants, who allowed more points than they scored with a 394-400 ratio and yet still made it because of the bumbling Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles.

Yet another trio of NFC teams are in with questionable defenses as the New Orleans Saints allowed 339, the Atlanta Falcons allowed 350, and the Detroit Lions allowed 387. There was more “sanity” in the AFC as Pittsburgh allowed 227 and Houston allowed 278. However Cincinnati allowed 323 and Denver allowed 390.

Last year the Packers proved you can literally “wing it” to the Super Bowl championship as they were the last seed in the NFC but were led by their prolific offensive attack all the way past Pittsburgh on Super Sunday.

The evolution of the modern NFL offense has completely changed the traditional dynamics of what to expect and who to favor in games as the sport is becoming basketball on turf. With that in mind the NFL Playoffs could very well turn out to be the most exciting and unpredictable of all time.

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